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With size on his side (as well as the most sophisticated battle gear of the day), it’s no wonder Goliath laughed when the shepherd boy came out to fight with five stones! This week on No Falling Word, Liam Goligher explains an important reality that David must have known well – the fact that God’s enemies can’t be defeated with the weapons of this world. Listen on Sunday!

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Every Last Word: "The Lost Coin" Luke 15:8-10
The Bible Study Hour: "Living in the Last Days" Matthew 24:1-28

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Revival!: God's Grace and Glory

Spring 2014 Australian PresbyterianIn a sense, revival is just many people in the one region becoming soundly joined to Christ. Jonathan Edwards famously described Northampton in 1735 as "Full of the presence of God". This was multifaceted in that it was full of love and yet full of distress. It is something that the church must pray for, but which she cannot bring about. The more she has tried to manufacture a revival, the worse the situation has become.

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What is Theology About? -- By Donald MacLeod - on reformation21

A Christian Primer - The Incarnation -- Enjoy reading a sample chapter from this new Alliance publication by Timothy Cross, or purchase it from the Alliance’s

Today we will explore the final two woes - for wickedness within and for the murder of God's prophets. 6. For wickedness within (vv. 27-28). The fifth woe leads naturally to the sixth, for having spoken of the dirty insides of their lives, like the contaminated inside of an outwardly polished cup, Jesus added the well-known illustration of whitewashed tombs containing "dead men's bones and everything unclean," a euphemism for decaying human matter.More

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