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Lord, teach us how to pray. The plea that resounds through history started with the disciples. So Jesus taught them. The one who was in constant communication with his Father, showed his disciples how they could have the same relationship. Aired on Sunday!

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Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible: "Getting Back into God's Will" Psalm 51
The Bible Study Hour: "Peter's Great Confession" Matthew 16:13-20

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The Master Wordsmith: For Whom Did Christ Die?

Winter 2014 Australian PresbyterianChristian apologetics sounds like we are apologising for something, but it actually means “defence”. How can we go about defending the Christian faith? In a real sense, it defends itself, and is selfauthenticating. It only needs to be proclaimed to be convincing. Yet there is a place for apologetics. One might go about it in three possible ways:

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A Christian Primer - The Incarnation -- Enjoy reading a sample chapter from this new Alliance publication by Timothy Cross, or purchase it from the Alliance’s

It took a great deal of unbelief for the Pharisees and Sadducees to ask a sign from Jesus after he had already given so many. Matthew alone has told us about his healing the sick, casting out demons, calming storms on Galilee, feeding the hungry, even raising the dead. Most, if not all of these miracles must have been reported back to these leaders, which is why they had come to challenge Jesus. But it was not really signs they were after. They hated Jesus for who he was, and their demand was really only a open attempt to discredit him.More

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