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Demonstrating Dr. Barnhouse's acute understanding of Romans and his heart for effective preaching, these messages skillfully and reverently expound even the most difficult passages in a clear way. Dr. Barnhouse's concern for a universal appreciation of the epistle fuels this series and invites all listeners into a deeper understanding of the life-changing message of Romans. Listen on Sunday!

Also Airing on Sunday:
Every Last Word: "Don't Look Back" Luke 9:51-62
The Bible Study Hour: "The Feeding of the Five Thousand" Matthew 14:13-21

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The Master Wordsmith: For Whom Did Christ Die?

Winter 2014 Australian PresbyterianChristian apologetics sounds like we are apologising for something, but it actually means “defence”. How can we go about defending the Christian faith? In a real sense, it defends itself, and is selfauthenticating. It only needs to be proclaimed to be convincing. Yet there is a place for apologetics. One might go about it in three possible ways:

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God in the Whirlwind: A Review -- By Carl Trueman - on reformation21

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A Christian Primer - The Incarnation
By Timothy Cross

As we pointed out yesterday, there are three important facts about Jesus’ picture of the final judgement: First, it is absolute. The second point of Jesus' parable is the terrible fate of the unrighteous. I am glad Jesus taught that, and that it is not left for his ministers to imagine what the unbelievers' fate might be. How could we say that their end will be so bad that it can only be adequately compared to an eternal burning? How could we say that it will produce an eternal "weeping and gnashing of teeth"? No mere human being would dare predict that fate for another human being. Yet that is what Jesus does. He has more to say about hell than does any other person in the Bible.More

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