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Parents-to-be pour over baby name books and search the Internet for that perfect name for their new little one. Decisions are made based on popularity, a desire to be unique or even purely on meaning. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will reveal the name that has received the most attention throughout history. Tune in to find out what it is - and more importantly, what it means. Listen on Sunday!

Also Airing on Sunday:
Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible: "Free From the Law" Galatians 3:10-17
Every Last Word: "Sent to Justify" Romans 8:3b-4
No Falling Word: "A Son is Given - Son of God" Hebrews 2:14-18

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Pentecost and the Work of the Spirit Today
BB Warfield
Richard Gaffin

May 29 - 30, 2015

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Revival!: God's Grace and Glory

Spring 2014 Australian PresbyterianIn a sense, revival is just many people in the one region becoming soundly joined to Christ. Jonathan Edwards famously described Northampton in 1735 as "Full of the presence of God". This was multifaceted in that it was fujll of love and yet full of distress. It is something that the church must pray for, but which she cannot bring about. The more she has tried to manufacture a revival, the worse the situation has become.

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Jesus' Life of Prayer -- By Jonathan Master - on Place for Truth

What is Theology About? -- By Donald MacLeod - on reformation21

A Christian Primer - The Incarnation -- Enjoy reading a sample chapter from this new Alliance publication by Timothy Cross, or purchase it from the Alliance’s

In yesterday's study, We began a discussion of Jonathan Edwards statement that we are God's enemies in several ways. First, we are enemies in our judgments. The second way in which we show that we are enemies of God is in the natural relish of our souls. Third, Edwards says that people are enemies of God in their wills. That is, the will of God and their wills are set at cross purposes to each other. What God wills, they hate. What God hates, they desire, Edwards says that is why they are so opposed to God's government. They are not Gods loyal subjects, as they should be, but are opposed to his rule in this world. Their whole desire is expressed by the psalmist. Let us break God's Chains. and throw off his fetters (Psalm 23)More

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