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We’re taught from an early age that more work and harder work usually equals more income and better opportunities. In a parable that makes an important point about the nature of salvation, Jesus turns this concept on it’s head with a scenario that most of us would consider “unfair.” Dr. Boice will unpack the mystery and meaning behind this story. Listen on Sunday!

Also Airing on Sunday:
Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible: "Robbing God" Malachi 3:6-15
Every Last Word: "Ready, or Not?" Luke 12:35-48
No Falling Word: "Treaty of the Great King - Part 1" 1 Samuel 12:1-25

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Revival!: God's Grace and Glory

Spring 2014 Australian PresbyterianIn a sense, revival is just many people in the one region becoming soundly joined to Christ. Jonathan Edwards famously described Northampton in 1735 as "Full of the presence of God". This was multifaceted in that it was fujll of love and yet full of distress. It is something that the church must pray for, but which she cannot bring about. The more she has tried to manufacture a revival, the worse the situation has become.

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Jesus' Life of Prayer -- By Jonathan Master - on Place for Truth

What is Theology About? -- By Donald MacLeod - on reformation21

A Christian Primer - The Incarnation -- Enjoy reading a sample chapter from this new Alliance publication by Timothy Cross, or purchase it from the Alliance’s

There is disagreement among commentators as to what Jesus meant when he promised that the disciples would "sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel" (v.28). Some refer it to a literal rule by the disciples over Israel under Christ's overall messianic rule during a future earthly millennium. Others think of it as a participation of all the saved in the judgment of Christ to be exercised at the last day. Still others refer it to some kind of rule by Christians in this present age. I think the words "at the renewal of all things" and Christ's "glorious throne" decide the matter in terms of a future millennial age, however that may be conceived.More

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